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We build commercial properties and retail properties, at less expense.

We build and renovate commercial, retail and hospitality properties. And we do it better, faster and more cost effectively than anyone. We’re Eastern Companies. We aren’t over-matched, fragmented or distracted general contractors. We are cost-conscious, hands-on development and construction experts.

As the trusted and preferred service provider in hospitality, retail and all commercial industries, we’ve been doing it successfully for nearly 40 years. Eastern Companies is made up of: Eastern Hospitality Advisors, Eastern Construction, Eastern Development and Eastern Procurement.

Our team offers expertise in planning & development, construction management and procurement for hotel and commercial properties, servicing large & mid-size hotel companies, first-time hotel owners, high net-worth individuals and owner/operators. As a fourth-generation owned business with nearly 100 years of experience in construction and nearly 40 years of specialized focus and expertise in hospitality construction, we understand hotels as an investment – and we build for your success.

We Offer A Full Line of Services

Pre-Construction Planning

Eastern Companies and Eastern Development supports clients from the moment they sign on for a project. There’s plenty of planning that needs to be done before construction begins, and we offer assistance with everything from budgeting and bids to the evaluation of architecture and utilities. – Learn More

Construction Management

Eastern Companies and Eastern Construction has significant experience in construction management. We offer our clients accurate reporting and value engineering with real-time information that monitors progress. Above all, our goal is to protect the hotel owner’s investment. – Learn More


We specialize in commercial development with a focus on adding value and minimizing development risk for principals and investors alike. No matter how complex or challenging the project, with our strategic partners we are able to overcome almost any development challenge. – Learn More

Procurement & Installation

Eastern Procurement’s FF&E Service and Installation understands that not all commercial builds and businesses are created equal. From hotels to offices, restaurants, senior-living, entertainment and more, we follow and align with your brand standards with a strategy and formula to our selection methods. We keep you in the loop during the entire process and deliver a brand experience. – Learn More

Everyone – literally every partner, from architect to banker to owner – who has worked with Eastern Companies has had their development project built on time and under budget. Why? We simply do what we say we’ll do.

Billions in profits for owners, over 1 million acres of land, nearly 20,000 booked rooms per night. Most importantly, millions in savings for new hotel owners.                    How do we do it? Simple. We eliminate contractor price markups. Through our proprietary Build at Cost™ model, we provide:

Comparison & Review

You’ll review all costs, bids, budgets and billing, from project inception to hotel completion. You know you are paying the absolute lowest price possible for your new hotel or renovation project. We eliminate markups hidden in lump sum budgeting by general contractors.

Mass Buying

With numerous hotels under construction simultaneously in North America, we combine building and interior design material orders for volume discounts. We save on product, you save on construction cost.

Value Engineering

Our vast network of dedicated suppliers finds the best deal on materials. If a specific tile is $2.00 per square foot, we find a product that is almost identical, for $1.50. You save money throughout the entire process.

Brokerage & Commercial Lenders

Partnering with multiple brokers and lending partners, we address your national brokerage and financing needs. We help locate, research, and purchase the land for your hotel or hospitality project.

A Letter From Our Founder

douglas-vanstrom-presidentI want to thank you for considering Eastern Companies. Our subsidiaries are composed of Eastern Hospitality Advisors, Eastern Construction, Eastern Development and Eastern Procurement for all of your construction needs. Eastern’s family of employees has over 100 years experience in the construction management industry. This experience, combined with our exceptional customer service mandate, has allowed us to provide successful products for all of our customers.

Nearly 40 years ago, I started this construction management business to provide a service in the hospitality sector that is second-to-none. Since then, my goals have been very simple: build a commercial property or hotel for an owner with an open book policy, perform with the highest quality of workmanship available, and complete all work within the owner’s timeframe and budgetary requirements.

I am personally involved in every facet of the business from strategic planning and interfacing with owners, to the day-to-day operations for Eastern. Our dedicated and professional staff is at your disposal around the clock.

I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to achieve the goals you are in search of.

– Douglas Vanstrom, Founder & Advisor