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Looking for property for your commercial, retail space, hotel, resort or other development project? We don’t just build hotels! Ready to build? Looking for construction, renovation or procurement expertise? Or just wondering where to start? Start here: Eastern Companies. Trusted and preferred in the industry for 35 years. Our hotel building and commercial construction experts are ready to serve you today. And we work as if you are our only client. See for yourself, contact us today using the form below or the location-specific information to the right. [sv_form id=”252″ highlight_invalid=”true” captcha=”true” identifier=”265d9ff0565bbe7f3f3df4a17ec3eb06″]¬†button_text=”Send” identifier=”3d18a6823009245f3a1aa447b7c605ce”]Thank you for contacting Eastern Hospitality Advisors, your message has been sent. Someone will be in touch with you soon.[/sv_form]