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At Eastern Companies and Eastern Construction, our philosophy of construction management is to serve the interests of our clients by acting as an “Agent of the Owner,” in a professional capacity. As your construction manager, Eastern has no allegiance to any particular contractor, only to the owner as its designated representative. It is important to note that Construction Management differs from General Construction in a unique way. While general contractors offer a “lump sum” price, there is no contractual obligation to share or return savings. Therefore the allegiance lies more with them rather than you, the owner.

As your construction manager, our responsibility is to keep the intent of all construction contracts constantly before the design team, and to produce the results expected by the owner. This means skillfully managing all agreements, insuring that they are tracked and updated accurately and that any modifications are communicated to the responsible individuals as the project progresses. In managing a multi-prime construction project, we see to it that all issues are covered without duplication. We advise on the best ways to contract for all professional services. We identify individual responsibilities and insure that all of the participants on the building team know what their work is, how it relates to others, and what results are expected.

As your construction management team, Eastern brings to you significant experience, extensive knowledge, accurate and dependable reporting systems, scheduling, budgeting, estimating and value engineering with real time information that monitors progress and protects the owner’s investment.

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